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Thanks for stopping by. As a senior commissioned officer, I’ve decided to take care of our people, including the military family. “Military Transition” isn’t hard, but only if intentionally planned for early and often, on teams.

What successful military mission

was ever planned for alone!?!

“Military Transition” is the BIGGEST MISSION!

Intentional Informed

Family Readiness and Planning is KEY.

The military family is constantly told to be fully ready for their hero’s deployment. How about for that inevitable last day on active duty, though? Unfortunately, few are intentionally, informatively planning.

It’s setting the MILFAM up for challenge and heartache.

That changes here…and now.

“If failing to plan, are we planning to fail?”

“Plans are nothing…Planning is everything.”

- General Dwight D. Eisenhower


The most important thing to do right now is plan intentionally

for life beyond uniformed service.

Liberty Accelerator Program members are a community of winners—we like to them call Liberators—supporting

Armed Services families, their heroes, and military veterans!

We prioritize family readiness for life in uniform and exist to prompt

intentional, informed planning for Life and Liberty far, far beyond!

If already separated or retired, we can help you, too!

Join the Liberty Accelerator® Program

Your family’s superhighway to making the most of life in uniformed service and effectively planning for Life and Liberty far beyond.

ταρς~ly™ - τransition αcceleration ρroject ςolutions ~ love your spouse - tailors individualized support and structure to your family’s unique situation, objectives, and needs based on your Liberty timeline ahead of “military transition.”

Founder Jarrod H. Smith, call sign #HeckYeah, guides Armed Forces families to thrive in “full readiness,” empowering and challenging them to take control of the present while successfully planning for the future.

We believe in Autonomy, Liberty, and total Freedom. The military family deserves opportunity to enjoy everything they sacrifice for and defend to the full, right now!

Military Transition” is tough. It’s rough. and the status quo simply isn’t enough.

Our purpose is to inform and prompt early, intentional, informed planning for that inevitable last day in uniformed service. Take control now, plan for the unexpected, and lead your family to thrive throughout military service and far beyond.

More About Jarrod

We offer solutions to government-run transition program traps, providing a personalized service giving the military family and their hero The ADVANTAGE!

Focus is on the military family, which includes the servicemember, and the military veteran. Period.

We’re not checking boxes.

Ensuring avoidance of the “benefits traps” that exist, guiding safely through family life in uniformed service from day one until the very end, whenever that may be, and if already a veteran, ensure you’re not missing out.

Hear what informed leaders have to say about the Liberators community…

“Over the last year, Jarrod has opened my eyes to the challenges service members face upon leaving the service. His counsel has helped my wife and I plot a course to a more secure future in which we are in control. The key to the transition mission is starting today!”

— Ensign James Braford

“Thanks to Jarrod for some great feedback on our Transition Guide to help bring the conversation into the 21st century. His approach is dead on. So much of the process is online and, his mindset that the planning horizon should start TODAY for your eventual transition (be it in 1 year or in 15), is transformational. Thanks for opening my eyes and teaching an old dog some new tricks!”

— CAPT (ret) John Cordle, Dr. Eng

“Immediately speaking with Jarrod H. Smith, you will tell that he truly cares and tries to help you in any way he can. From a transitioning military member, the civilian life seems a bit nerve-racking but Jarrod can assist where needed. I highly advise anyone who is looking to improve their marketability, especially separating/retiring military, to reach out and connect with him! Thanks, Jarrod!”

— Joseph Casciari on LinkedIn Recommendations


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