No other mission did we ever take alone.  We didn't prepare on our own for it, either.  Why we're treating our inevitable transition the same...fascinates me.
Assemble your power team to win throughout military service...and more importantly in the life you'll live far beyond.
Hi!  My name is Jarrodh H. Smith, call sign #HeckYeah.

I've climbed the institutional ladder in the U.S. Military, U.S. Navy as a matter of fact,

serving across various weapons platforms and operational staffs around the globe.

I've worked with people from all walks of life, all corners of the globe,

and "checked all the blocks" along that muddy dirt road.

I drove a Cummins Turbo diesel,

lived in a 5th-wheel camper, purchased thousand-dollar suits,

and still wear square-toed boots and blue jeans.

The State of Texas is my home and I enjoy drinking its wine.

I got married, fathered four kids, met the bottom with my health,

and now I'm reaching for the stars with my future.

I believe stars in the dark Texas sky are actually pinholes to Heaven,

offering us mortals a mere glimpse of what's to come.

Burn out worked me over and lies I believed held me back.

The demands of military service are mighty...and relentless.

It will crush you...if you let it.

My mid-life crisis has come...and passed.

Every human being can move beyond mediocrity and become great.

I want this for you, too.

Becoming someone else isn't a goal. Don't compare yourself to others.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday...and focus on your individual trajectory.

Where are you headed?
Over the last year Jarrod has opened my eyes to
the challenges service members face upon leaving
the service. His counsel has helped my wife and I
plot a course to a more secure future in which we
are in control. The key to the transition mission is
starting today!

— Ensign James Braford
Thanks to Jarrod for some great feedback on our
Transition Guide to help bring the conversation
into the 21st century. His approach is dead on -
so much of the process is online, and his mindset
that the planning horizon should start TODAY for
your eventual transition (be it in 1 year or in 15) is -
transformational. Thanks for opening my eyes and
teaching an old dog some new tricks!

— CAPT (ret) John Cordle, Dr. Eng
“Immediately speaking with Jarrod H. Smith, you will tell that he truly cares and tries to help you in any way he can.  From a transitioning military member, the civilian life seems a bit nerve-racking but Jarrod can assist where needed. I highly advise anyone who is looking to improve their marketability, especially separating/retiring military, to reach out and connect with him! Thanks, Jarrod!”

— Joseph Casciari on LinkedIn Recommendations

Painful Disclaimer

Nothing on this site or any other product or service online, in-person, or virtually in direct communication with Jarrod H. Smith is related to, or affiliated with, the U.S. Government, the U.S. Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy. "Wearing another hat," Jarrod is on active duty and has attained the rank of Commander. He believes we are losing service members and veterans due to a lack of intentional, informed planning and aims to offer a different approach, wanting to save families from grief and heartache reverberating through our ranks. With that clear, here is full and complete disclaimer:

My results aren't even close to typical. My advice, counsel, guidance, mentorship, and consulting is based on what I know at the time of our discussion. It may be right, wrong, or, more than likely, somewhere in between based upon the situation, context, and what you do and do not fully disclose. It's also based on how I interpret what you say and whether we're talking apples to apples or lemons to limes. 


You're responsible, too.  Say this out loud: "It's My Fault."  There, now we can work well together and do great things. 


I'll take responsibility for my actions and decisions and you take responsibility for yours. I make no claim or promise that the results you get from using my services will meet or exceed your expectations. I will deal with you fairly, honestly, and 

always with your best interests in mind, 

but I could make an error.  


I'm human, just like you. I've failed before and I will fail again.  

My goal is to fail fast, learn from it, and then win. 

And win again.  Are you in? 

Alright then, let's go!