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Seeking guidance doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re smart!

The Liberty Accelerator Program® is a multi-faceted approach that provides the expert guidance we need to plan for military transition successfully. With a customized road map based on your immediate needs, goals, and timeline, our program focuses on your “three pillars,” firmly grounded on one sure and integrated foundation.

Identify priorities regarding your mental, physical, emotional and moral well-being. We’ll provide guidance on how to navigate things like military medical care and preparing for the VA disability compensation claims process.

Discover your “Why?,” develop your BRAND, and EMBRACE your value as an individual much sooner than what the prescribed transition timeline recommends. Find your PURPOSE, know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DESIRE to become beyond the rank, weapons platform, and service branch. Position yourself for immediate and long-term success! We’ll show you how to use the systems you serve within to your advantage, NOW!

Increase your wealth and learn how to identify exposed flanks. We’ll help you learn how to navigate income tax mitigation, gain a better understanding of life insurance and provide guidance on how to decrease your expenses and increase your cash flow. Most importantly, we’ll focus on your greatest asset and most limited commodity - YOUR TIME!

We empower you to build and strengthen healthy personal and professional relationships. We believe relationships provide the sure foundation upon which a successful future and the three pillars are built. You’ll have immediate access to the support you need. No GS 9-5 limitations here!

There is no other service like the

Liberty Accelerator Program

There is only one Commissioned Officer’s Guide for

“Military Transition,” and for Military LIFE!!!

“I’ve spent nearly two decades serving in the U.S. military.

My mission shifted two years ago when I began helping my peers and junior officers take control of their future,

achieve optimal health, identify their “why” beyond the Armed Forces, and

find lasting wealth through

time literacy, financial intelligence, and decision security.

You’ll get unfettered access to this experience through the Liberty Accelerator Program® offerings,

no matter what stage of the service member life cycle your family is in.

Find all the information you need about our services here.

Planning for the future starts NOW.

My goal is to guide our nation’s military families and their hero to thrive in “full readiness.”

I empower and challenge you to take control of the present today and successfully plan for your future Liberty.

Make the most of your life during uniformed service, from day one through separation, and far, far beyond.”

- Jarrod H. Smith

You’re invited to explore our services at a deeper level.

Take a glance at our service offerings and join at the level that best fits your current situation and budgetary constraints.

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Let’s talk more about where you are right now and how to begin preparing for the inevitable “transition mission” TODAY! Time is of the utmost importance.

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