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Junior U.S. Military





or witout a connection

giving you insights to the system?

If so, great!

You've come to the right place.

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~ BLUF ~
This is a forum comprised of multiple "Virtual Wardrooms" where officers from all lines, staff corps, and service branches will congegrate, in a joint envirornment, of approximately 20 officers at various pay grades to discuss typically uncomfortable topics usually not broached in the mission-focused environments of O-gangs within operational units and staffs. It is a non-threat, anonymous if so choosing, environment to get the information we all need early in a career to take care of ourselves, and better enable taking great care of our people.

Your rank will be checked at the landing page;
only your experience, knowledge, and desire to learn may enter.

In this forum, Junior Military Officers, Company Grade Officers, Mid-Grade Officers, and Field Grade Officers encourge discussion about the following topics:

Healthcare and the Military Medical System
Status in the Command Environment, and beyond
Wealth topics such as Personal Finance & Asset Management

The Transition Mission You are on Right Now...

The Transition Battle once it begins 2-4 years out.

Post-military preps and interface with the VA and private systems.

Records Management and Statuatory/Admin Board Preparation

and much, much more.

End BLUF...with more background following below.

I'm looking for a special breed...the Mavericks out there.

You may not know it yet,
but horror stories about "transition"
out of uniformed service abound.
Well, every last one of us transition or "retire" 
from military service some day, so let's talk about...
earlier and much more often.  That's what this is all about. 

As certain as death and taxes,
you will take off that rank.
So embrace your journey and own it,
with the transition in mind! 
Don't let being three sheets to the wind
push you into the rocky shoals!

But before we dig into that,

there's a myriad of topics

every officer, young or seasoned,


become aware of in order to

achieve maximum

to operate at

peak performance!

I'm happy, and privileged

to take part

as your guide

on this

awesome ride

in the Nation's uniformed services. 

It's been an amazing life experience for me,

but I have some regrets I don't want you, or your people, to have. 

This content lays it all out and positions




however you define it.

My content 


help better prepare you now

to mentor your people today 

and also prepare you for your 

next tour of duty,


prompting you to

begin thinking about your

inevitable transition battle!

You're on a transition mission right now,

whether you acknowledge that fact or not. 


Don't get torpedoed or zero'd

because you didn't


More content is coming soon,

so take a look,

give some feedback and


Let's create an

awesome mentoring base

for winners to

operate from,

and call upon,

to succeed

not just in military service,


Spread the word around your world about how great this is!

Don't keep this opportunity to yourself!

That's not fair.

Because, you know, deep down,

this type of mentorship and guidance

is what most are seeking today!

I'm offering it


Don't Wait!


I'll be releasing my first edition of the 6-8 page, 

~Commissioned Officer's Guide ~ 
Foundations for Success

on Independence Day, July 4th.

Regardless of service affiliation,

your Liberty is waiting

in my Voardroom.

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"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

The Smith Sircle exists for Mavericks to get ahead of the pack, take care of themselves, and enable taking care of their people. 

So, who's circles are you running in?
My results aren't even close to typical. My advice, counsel, guidance, mentor-ship, and consulting is based on what I know at the time of our discussion. It may be right, wrong, or more than likely somewhere in between based upon the situation, context, and what you do and don't fully share with me during a discussion. It's also based on how I interpret what you say, and whether we're talking apples to apples or lemons to limes. You're responsible, too. Say this out loud: "It's My Fault." There, now we can work well together and do great things. I'll take responsibility for my actions and decisions, and you do the same for yours. I make no claim or promise that the results you get using my services will meet or exceed your expectations. I will deal with you fairly, honestly, and always with your best interest in mind, but could make an error. I'm human, just like you. I've failed before, and I will fail again. My goal is to fail fast, learn from it, and then win. And win again. Are you in? Alright then, let's go.