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My results aren't even close to typical. My advice, counsel, guidance, mentor-ship, and consulting is based on what I know at the time of our discussion. It may be right, wrong, or more than likely somewhere in between based upon the situation, context, and what you do and don't fully disclose. It's also based on how I interpret what you say, and whether we're talking apples to apples or lemons to limes. 


You're responsible, too.  Say this out loud: "It's My Fault."  There, now we can work well together and do great things. 


I'll take responsibility for my actions and decisions, and you do the same for yours. I make no claim or promise that the results you get using my services will meet or exceed your expectations. I will deal with you fairly, honestly, and 

always with your best interest in mind, 

but could make an error.  


I'm human, just like you. I've failed before, and I will fail again.  

My goal is to fail fast, learn from it, and then win. 

And win again.  Are you in? 

Alright then, let's go.